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Parts Car Brand Car Model OEM Number
APRON 66211-11011 HYUNDAI PONY 77-82 66211-11011 More
FRONT FENDER LH 66301-11001 HYUNDAI PONY 77-82 66301-11001 More
FRONT FENDER RH 66302-11001 HYUNDAI PONY 77-82 66302-11001 More
GRILLE 80-82 86350-11020 HYUNDAI PONY 77-82 86350-11020 More
FRONT BUMPER CHROME 86510-11240 HYUNDAI PONY 77-82 86510-11240 More
FRONT FENDER RH 66311-21301 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 66311-21301 More
FRONT FENDER GL. GLS MODEL RH 66311-21351 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 66311-21351 More
FRONT FENDER LH 66321-21301 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 66321-21301 More
FRONT FENDER GL. GLS MODEL LH 66321-21351 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 66321-21351 More
HOOD 66400-21101-D HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 66400-21101-D More
GRILLE 86 86350-21050 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 86350-21050 More
GRILLE BLACK-GRAY 86351-21170 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 86351-21170 More
GRILLE SILVER 86351-21170 HYUNDAI EXCEL 87-88 86351-21170 More
RADIATOR SUPPORT ASSY 64100-24371 HYUNDAI EXCEL 90-91 64100-24371 More
FRONT FENDER W/O HOLE LH 66311-24300 HYUNDAI EXCEL 90-91 66311-24300 More

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Our products are not original replacement parts but interchangeable with the original OEM parts.

We are specialized in supplying all kinds of HYUNDAI auto body parts for any vehicle, all quality auto body parts certified by ISO. We have been exporting Auto Body Parts to the worldwide market without any quality issues.  Beside auto body part, we can supply more than 125,000 auto parts including Auto lamps, Auto mirrors, Auto brake parts, Auto suspension parts, Auto steering parts, Auto transmission parts, Auto engine parts, Auto electric parts, Auto cooling parts,Wiper blades. We have been exporting auto body parts to 60 countries on five continents over 30 years.