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All trademarks and vehicle models (including their names and pictures) listed on this page are for reference only.
Our products are not original replacement parts but interchangeable with the original OEM parts.

KOMATSU Auto Lamps are E-marked and SAE approved, quality auto lamps last longer for the color of the lens.

Quality auto lamps do not have any leakage problems and are water proof.

KOMATSU Auto lamps are both for R-H-D and L-H-D vehicles.

KOMATSU Auto Lamps item :

● KOMATSU Auto Head Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Bumper Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Coner Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Indicate Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Side Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Rear Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Number Plate Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Fog Lamp

● KOMATSU Auto Performance Lamp


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